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Document workflows with electronic signature

Sign your contracts and agreements electronically and save up to 75% in time!

Our day-to-day work is largely determined by business processes. These define the necessary steps and participants as well as the sequence of actions to achieve a goal.

Digital workflows map these processes, i.e. they have a trigger and consist of several parallel or sequential work steps and have a defined end.

All activities within a workflow are assigned to different roles or participants who are provided with all the necessary information, documents and tools to be able to complete this successfully.



Thanks to the possibility of signing documents directly electronically, it is possible to conclude contracts, agreements and many other business documents in record time with document workflows in addition to pure approval and processing processes.

Since the documents are already available digitally, they can easily be archived or further processed.


Workflow process

A signing process in cloudplan is started with just a few clicks from the template system. There are already predefined workflows for all business transactions known in the company. Just update the documents, adjust the recipients and the workflow can be started.

The recipient (s) will immediately receive an invitation email and after opening the document the marked signature field(s) can be signed by smartphone, signature on the screen or text signature. Thereafter the contract is passed on directly to the next workflow step or returned to the starter after completion.


Documents are protected with a cryptographic hash, which means that subsequent changes to the document can be easily recognized. In addition, a complete and traceable protocol is attached to the document for each completed process step.


Speed up your busines process

Digital workflows offer not only a significant speed advantage, but above all a comprehensive overview of the status of all processes.


Every running workflow can be monitored live in the workflow dashboard. With one click it is immediately visible which participant is currently working on which step, or at which point the process is waiting. This applies to external business partners as well as employees.


Typical use cases

Recurring document workflows:

  • The sales department sends out a confidentiality agreement, which can include a previously defined path for the internal authorized check, a signature and, after an external signature, the check and processing within various departments involved.
  • The purchase of new products is defined as a standardized process and includes budget approvals, the legal department and subsequent entry and booking in the ERP software.
  • Conversation and training minutes, compensation requirements and interviews for personnel development.

Ad-hoc document workflows:

  • A new contract for renting an office is signed.
  • Resolutions on budget approvals, business plan adoption, shareholder resolutions.
  • Signature on a handover protocol at the end of the project.


What do I need to use eSigning?

eSigning can be used immediately without any prerequisites. Access it via a modern web browser or with the cloudplan mobile app on Android or iOS.

With the installation of a local client, additional storage and collaboration functions of cloudplan can be used seamlessly in Windows, MacOS or Linux.

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