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For this comparison, we have again taken a closer look at the most popular cloud products. Particularly for sensitive company data it is important to have complete control over the encryption, exchange of data and user authorisations. Unfortunately, most of the service providers do not offer all of this, but instead merely focus on just a small section.
The server variant of its peer-to-peer sync & share solution, that has been on the market for almost half of a year, is available for download. Business customers can build their secure private cloud without any extra products or configuration on industry hardware.
The main goal of a distributed file system is to offer access transparency to the client – the clients do not need to know where the content is located.
Cloud storage or centralized storage space is the common product when looking for online file storage space. This kind of file storage is always managed by the vendor by definition since the customer is looking for a “managed solution” if he is looking for easy accessible storage.
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