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In addition to the cloudplan portal, Weblinks to files and folders can also be created directly from Outlook.
The Outlook Add-in has to be activated by the admin of your Exchange server or account and is immediately available to all employees.
cloudplan has integrated Microsoft Office 365 as another online office option to the already offered Collabora online office. This opens up further possibilities for users to edit office files online in the browser without the need for a local installation. The files are still stored on your own infrastructure you control.
cloudplan offers Private Cloud as a Service (PCaaS) business solutions. These are as easy to use as Public Clouds, but rely on the security, availability and performance Private Clouds offer – including 100 % data sovereignty. This allows businesses to combine their local storage nodes with cloud storages – e.g. from the Open Telekom Cloud – into hybrid storage architectures.
We are excited to introduce our new “online office” and the new “Web GUI” today
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