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So-called "hybrid private clouds" represent the best possible architecture variant for a customer with a number of advantages.
Cloud technology is on a steady rise: in a survey conducted by the Institute for Data Communication (IDC), 60% of the respondents consider cloud computing as the most important technology when it comes to digitisation in companies. This means that it is ahead of Big Data and mobility. But what exactly is the cloud? How does storage of files and access management work in the large online cloud? Which problems can result and how are they resolved? This article will address these questions and explain the most important terms in cloud computing.
For this comparison, we have again taken a closer look at the most popular cloud products. Particularly for sensitive company data it is important to have complete control over the encryption, exchange of data and user authorisations. Unfortunately, most of the service providers do not offer all of this, but instead merely focus on just a small section.
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