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Private Cloud

Document workflows

The private cloud solution from cloudplan delivers security, scalability and self-service for a corporate content storage solution. It runs in the cloud, on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

By integrating existing infrastructure (e.g. in the head office and branches) with secure cloud storage, enterprises build a high-performance storage network for secure collaboration of employees and business partners.

All documents are stored in the secure private storage solution and are therefore available for search, analysis and further use / archiving.

Content Collaboration
Secure collaboration is essential to daily activities

From employees and decision-makers to business partners and customers, users benefit from easy, secure access to valuable business content. Rather than keeping files locked up in silos, content collaboration enables information to flow safely and freely within your organization and across your firewall to external contacts.
Users can access, share, sync and collaborate on files and folders using any kind of device – both mobile and desktop – while maintaining complete control over sensitive data.

Enhance productivity

Content sharing across devices can contribute to seamless workflows and enhanced productivity, facilitate team collaboration to mobilize and transform your entire business.

Simplify collaboration

Share documents with anyone, anywhere on any device, sync across multiple devices and share documents with internal and external parties with easy-to-navigate content collaboration software.

Reduce complexity

Minimize the workload on IT teams by providing no-code tools to let users manage access rights of the documents they create and share.

Maintain control

Set access rights and permissions for viewing, downloading, or editing for the entire content lifecycle. Use on-premise file storage as well as cloud storage or combine both to a truly scalable hybrid storage cluster under your control.

Collaboration features at a glance
File Sync and Share
  • Weblinks and native Folder sharing
  • Data Sync with business partners
  • Access logs and notifications
  • Web portal for global access
Tasks and Messaging
  • Instant messaging
  • Invitations to Team and/or One-to-One Channels
  • Tasks with Data Access for internal and external participants
  • Personal-, Team- and Sub-Tasks
M365 Integration
  • Outlook Online and SharePoint Online Add-in
  • Data room with watermarked documents
  • Native file manager integration
  • Microsoft 365 integration
Universal access
  • Branch office synchronisation and backup
  • Offline and Online access
  • Windows / Linux / MacOS /iOS / Android clients
  • Automatic storage selection
Collaboration features at a glance
On-premise, cloud or hybrid storage layout

cloudplan gives enterprises the maximum flexibility and control to define storage locations based on company structure, user business roles or on sensitivity of data. Organizations that are looking to replace data stored in legacy corporate systems find a solution that give IT maximum flexibility, visibility and control and rapid, automated, and secure migration of unstructured data for both small and large projects, enabling cross-enterprise communication and collaboration and protecting previous hard- and software investment.

Seamless integration
Decentralized intelligence for high availability

With the built-in intelligence, cloudplan storage units work decentralized and make autonomous decisions where data traffic is routed and therefore have a higher availability and performance.

Multi infrastucture options support cloud, on-premise or hybrid and even multi-cloud environments.

All connections are established based on geo location and assigned priorities, servers and clients react automatically to failures and change their connections autonomously without the need of a load balancer, load is distributed automatically.