Next-gen intelligent file sync & share

for business and consumer

up to 100 time faster*
more secure
lower costs
higher availability
easier handling
*compared to cloud, central server or indirect sync technology

One software to build your private, public or hybrid cloud locally or globally without the need for extra products or services - based on next-gen peer-to-peer technology



Sync files between all different kind of platforms and hardware
Sync files optionally to a cloud storage
Synchronize or access across different locations while traffic being encrypted


Share your content with business partners with or without using our cloud storage
Remotely access your content from a virtual file system or webaccess
Let the nodes connect auto- nomously through firewalls and routers without VPN or extra configuration


Build storage clusters with industry hardware
Scales up to thousands of nodes in the network
Private, public or private/public setup possible

up to 100 times faster*

All file content is synced directly peer to peer using the most efficient way from node A to B. We offer private or public or private public solutions, but data traffic always takes the shortest way outperforming alternative products that soley rely on centralized storage.

P2P offers the flexibility to connect storage nodes directly through firewalls and routers without the need for a VPN. Move your network nodes anytime anywhere without the need for configuration – it just works autonomously.

File content can be located wherever you want it to be: On servers, access devices such as PCs, Smartphones or even on a cloud node. Build it as you need it.

*compared to cloud, central server or indirect sync technology

More secure


Peer to peer communication is secure by definition. The data traffic takes the shortest way from source to target node and is encrypted.

Every device in your cloud storage network is authenticated using the seamless cloudplan private public key infrastructure, making your node network secure against outside attacks.


Key management


Private cloud: store your files on your own devices
Public cloud: use the encrypted cloudstorage space provided by cloudplan
Private/ public cloud: combine both worlds more maximum flexibility.

All communication keys remain on the individual node.

Higher availability


Our node software uses built-in operational intelligence to connect autonomously with target nodes. The app permanently optimizes the target connections and will re-connect to other nodes if one is not accessible anymore or another node is better reachable.

No load balancer or fail over software needed, everything is included in our app. Build storage clusters, even locate them globally for maximum availability. Free your business from centralized infrastructure that creates single points of failure!


Easier handling


With cloudplan there is no need for a complex VPN installation to connect branch offices and mobile workers. Just register your device at the web management platform and you are part of the corporate storage network – even if you change your location!

Manage all your devices, user rights and groups through an easy-to-use, cloud-based management platform. Build clusters, share links and invite external partners—all done with a few mouse clicks.

The intuitively simple interface provides complete control over your storage network on a professional level.

Lower costs


Achieve cost reductions based on the simplicity of the 3 minute installation process and easy maintenance. 




No expensive IT consulting for planning and handling is needed.

Use your existing hardware and combine even different platforms. 

Greater flexibility


Build your private or public or hybrid (private-public) cloud and change your architecture whenever you want.

Forget about cloud storage limits, sync and store an unlimited amount of data. If you need more storage space, just add another device to the cloudplan storage network and include it with a few mouse clicks. It is that easy!

Replace existing local file storage and backup components. cloudplan includes all features to cover corporate file storage & share needs.


„We are using cloudplan to sync corporate data between 2 branch offices in northern Germany. Sensitive files like product specifications are directly synced between our own servers. The system runs at impressive speed while omitting Internet servers.

During business trips to our production site in China we are accessing data using secure remote access or syncing less sensitive date like quotes etc. with the cloudplan cloudstorage. Our decision to purchase cloudplan was mainly based on its outstanding flexibility in meeting our specific requirements.“

 Karsten Prumbs, CTO  |  Panda Consumer GmbH


„Folla Alger is a pioneer in the field of industrial cultivation of seaweed. We are using cloudplan to collaborate on large datasets while my team mates are spread all over Europe. What really convinced us was the sync speed for big files at different network conditions and the seamless integration in to our existing working environment.

We use remote access for external partners to protect critical data in-house. The easy admin interface allows us to run everything without an IT Admin and keeping costs to a minimum.”

 Tore Vånge, Co-Founder  |  Folla Alger AS

Everything you need for secure file syncing, sharing and storage

Find the solution that fits your needs

The next-gen P2P neural file storage network comes in different flavours.

Starter package

  • basic features for P2P
    syncing and sharing
    files and folders
  • Including remote
    read access.
From 1.19 EUR
per month and user
(incl. 19% VAT, yearly payment)

basic +

  • file locking
  • Geo location
  • Relay server
  • Remote write access
  • etc.
From 5.94 EUR
per month and user
(incl. 19% VAT, yearly payment)

professional +

  • Versioning
  • Node monitoring
  • Additional Admins
  • Node hierarchy
  • etc.
From 11.89 EUR
per month and user
(incl. 19% VAT, yearly payment)

business +

  • Unlimited node links
  • Unlimited folders
  • Unlimited versions
  • Unlimited parallel syncs
  • etc.
From 17.84 EUR
per month and server/user
(incl. 19% VAT, yearly payment)

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