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Change the way you think storage!

cloudplan helps companies to focus on their business by simplifying corporate IT operations on file syncing and sharing.

The Background

The idea behind cloudplan originated several years ago when the two founders experienced catastrophic downtime with a database offered by a major vendor that was widely used by thousands of companies storing files and other content.

The Story

The database we use was setup in a redundant configuration with a second hot stand by unit. Full backups on a weekly basis were existent.

Then data content became corrupted over a time of 3 weeks and due to the fact that only small amounts of data were destroyed it was discovered the first time after 3 weeks.

An assumed bug in the database software caused this problem.

It was impossible to use the hot standby unit, since the corrupted data was just mirrored. Using a 3-week old backup would have skipped 3 weeks of changes and additions such as new customers or billing data worth millions of Dollars.

The only solution was to repair the corrupted database to preserve most of the files and content which took several days and caused downtime for a lot of services offered.

The Solution

This severe experience has led to the idea behind cloudplan, to avoid or reduce downtimes and the loss of data and to simplify the whole infrastructure so that people without or less IT knowledge are able to setup a file storage environment and being able to access their files even after catastrophic events. To achieve this, single points of failures must be reduced or fully eliminated and components should not rely on each other.

Cloudplan invented a complete solution for storing, syncing and sharing of corporate data by developing a software that works on most platforms with built in intelligence to react on changes and failures in the whole environment autonomously.

cloudplan Frank Brügmann

Frank Brügman

CEO and Co-Founder

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cloudplan Matthias Krueger

Matthias Krueger

CSO and Co-Founder

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