Syncing & Remote Access

You can do many things with our cloudplan software, but the most basic features are “syncing & remote access”. There are many products out there on the market that can “sync” files through storing all content on central servers; all network devices, such as PCs or servers, connect to these central servers and upload/download content changes.

This is a proven technology, but has some disadvantages:

  • It takes time to upload files through a limited bandwidth internet connection and then download all content again to the target nodes.
  • The content is stored on a server that is located in the internet; this could be hacked or accessed by public authorities
  • The central server architecture mostly implies “single points of failure” components, which could cause downtime and lower availability.

Our software allows all the devices involved to connect directly with each other peer-to-peer. The customer can decide if they only want to access content on other nodes remotely or if they want to synchronize files in order to have a physical copy on their devices.