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Next-gen file storage specialist cloudplan reveals the beta version of its enterprise grade neural peer to peer file storage solution

The app runs on storage and access devices and allows these nodes to connect autonomously through routers and firewalls. Content nodes can form clusters for high availability and load balancing.

Access nodes such as a PC can synchronize content or access it remotely from your regular explorer window. Nodes communicate with each other to form an intelligent storage network that avoids single points of failure. Enterprises can run their own storage machines to keep the network fully private or can include encrypted cloud servers for more flexibility.

The direct peer to peer connection between devices is up to 100 times faster compared to traditional cloud storage solutions and leaves you independent from cloud servers.

Frank Bruegmann, CEO: “The App is the next generation of file storage solutions providing built-in neural intelligence for each device participating in the storage network.”

cloudplan offers a free plan for business customers and private individuals for using the software on 3 devices forever free.

About cloudplan GmbH

cloudplan develops a software-as-a-service application, connecting PCs and servers of a company to a low cost and highly available data storage network. Companies can build their private network storage, organize backups and integrate cloud storage without special IT expertise. All network stations are found automatically without further configuration and connect directly, whether on the local network or globally on the Internet. Companies gain maximum availability and reliability at minimum cost. cloudplan GmbH has its headquarters in Hamburg. The founders Frank Brügmann and Matthias Krueger are an experienced management team with a successful track record including IPO. 12 software developers are currently working on the implementation of the innovative product. Among the investors are business angels as well as the High-Tech-Gründerfonds.

cloudplan GmbH
Matthias Krueger
Dorotheenstrasse 48
22301 Hamburg


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