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cloudplan reveals server version of its Secure Private P2P Cloud

The server variant of its peer-to-peer sync & share solution, that has been on the market for almost half of a year, is available for download. Business customers can build their secure private cloud without any extra products or configuration on industry hardware.

The software can be installed on client computers such as desktops, notebooks, mobiles or on servers and NAS machines. The new variant allows the installation “as a service” so that a server or NAS will run the software without a user being logged in right from the start of the machine.

With this solution you can create file servers or clusters for a redundant setup. The fileservers can be located on any spot in the private or public internet or can be spread out globally to form clusters.

The machines will find each other automatically through firewalls and routers without extra products or configuration (no VPN or port forwarding etc. necessary).

The client computers will connect to the content servers by taking into account the geo location and prioritization of the particular machine. Each node can fail at any time and the clients or servers will switch to the next available node autonomously.

The file storage infrastructure is scalable without limits and can consist of a heterogeneous hardware platform.

The software can be downloaded at for a free test.


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