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cloudplan portal relaunched!

After several months of development the new cloudplan portal has been launched! With each login but also directly during the use, you now have the opportunity to switch between old and new portal.

It has been our goal to completely question and significantly improve the existing service portal, which has grown historically with each new function over time.

The user experience should be as intuitively as possible, since everyone has to deal with a multiplicity of software products and there is no time to get used to the existing and new functions.

For you as a user, there is only one relevant menu item "My private cloud", which is already displayed at login. Here you will find all the content you can access. From this view, you control functions such as webaccess, folder rights, or synchronization. Administrators will find settings under "Management".


Screenshot cloudplan Management Portal


We would be delighted if you would send us your comments, so we can make further improvements.

In the short term, the local user interface of the "client" will also be replaced by a web interface to provide a single administration interface.

The new portal also includes new functions such as the file upload and an online office*, which makes it possible to process documents with multiple users online in real time at the same time.

The aim is also to be able to use as many functions as possible even via the browser without a locally installed client or to make these functions available to business partners.

We appreciate your feedback!

*online office requires a separate license

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