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cloudplan for Linux Server

The operating system Linux was the missing platform in the cloudplan product portfolio. It is expected to be the most interesting platform for content storage nodes, because it is efficient and cost-effective.


cloudplan Private Cloud on Linux


Up to now the OS platforms were available for Windows, OSX, iOS and Android. In addition, you can create a fully configured "Cloud Node" provided by cloudplan, which is available in different sizes and for different user numbers. This makes it possible to build a hybrid architecture without much effort and in a short period of time.

For local installation on servers so far only Windows could be used or in some more exotic environments also OSX on Mac servers.

Efficient and inexpensive storage nodes are key factor for a business Private Cloud. For this reason a Linux based version will be an important component for a Private Cloud. Like the versions for Windows and MacOS, cloudplan for Linux fulfills the promise of the 3-minute installation and can be immediately integrated into the own private cloud without delay. Companies benefit from the maximum service cloud elasticity that cloudplan provides and can react agile to changing storage requirements at any time.

Various architectures possible

Linux can, for example, be deployed locally or in the cloud to standard storage devices with minimum requirements (see below).

Small Linux servers / storage nodes could be used in an outside office with few employees to ensure availability at all times, even in the event of Internet failure, and they improve local access speed by loading and storing files from to local storage units and not from the remote company headquarters or the cloud. Should this small server fail, the next available storage node would be automatically connected. This could be a cloud node or a storage server in the headquarters.

High-performance appliances can be deployed for use in locations with many employees, which are offered in various ready-configured variants as shown below.

High performance under Linux

According to our tests, Linux offers up to 30% better performance of the cloudplan application. It is the right choice for companies that do not run other additional applications on their servers, such as those that are only running under Windows.

Optimized for servers

cloudplan's recently released Linux app has been optimized to run on servers, i.e. it does not include a GUI and is not optimized for local desktop use. If you would like to have it more comfortable, you will be provided with the new Web GUI to be released soon, which only requires the use of a browser and will be used in all future operating system variants of cloudplan and can therefore also be used on Linux.

cloudplan offers different appliances

Hardware for use in the enterprises can either be purchased or "fully managed" leased. In the case of the latter variant, a replacement is possible at any time in the event of a defective server or if larger storage space required.

Mini satellite servers

For small offices, remote locations, home offices etc.

INTEL NUC i3 – i7
RAM: 4
HDD/SSD: 125 GB up to 3 TB


HP MicroServer

For medium sized offices etc.

HP MicroServer XEON E3
RAM: 8
Hardware RAID 10
HDD: 6,5 TB

Professional rack mounted server

19 inch for use in a netwrok cabinet
Various variants e.g. Dell R230 / R330 / R430

INTEL Xeon E3 oder E5
RAM: 16 GB up to 64 GB
Hardware RAID 5
Disc/ SSD: 1 up to 16 TB (per storage unit)


System requirements cloudplan

Linux: 1 GB RAM, Single Core CPU, 10 GB HDD/SSD
Windows: 4 GB RAM, Single Core CPU, 30 GB HDD/SSD
MacOS: 4 GB RAM, Single Core CPU, 30 GB HDD/SSD

Ports: TCP 443, UDP 3478, 35000 - 35999

Private Cloud Nodes

Ready and always scalable cloud nodes with encrypted storage to be immediately integrated into the your own private cloud without delay are availabe via the cloudplan shop.

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