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cloudplan becomes Cloud Solution Partner of Deutsche Telekom

cloudplan offers Private Cloud as a Service (PCaaS) business solutions. These are as easy to use as Public Clouds, but rely on the security, availability and performance Private Clouds offer – including 100 % data sovereignty. This allows businesses to combine their local storage nodes with cloud storages – e.g. from the Open Telekom Cloud – into hybrid storage architectures.

Public cloud services have seen a boom in recent years, with more than 65% of all companies in 2017* already using them.

clloudplan is Telekom Solution Partner

Easy-to-understand products such as virtual servers e.g. from Open Telekom Cloud can be used for easy scaling, cost savings and redundant infrastructures. However, even a virtual server must be equipped with additional software in order to create a value for the needs of a company.

With the rapid integration into the storage landscape of the company, the comprehensive management and the integration of local and virtual structures, cloudplan realizes a significant utility value for the customer.

SMEs and German enterprises can seamlessly implement their digitization strategy step by step without having to compromise.

Frank Brügmann, CEO cloudplan: "Currently it is extremely complex, expensive and tedious for companies to create a real “Private Cloud” with 100% data sovereignty from a pure basic infrastructure such as virtual and local servers. Decentralized intelligence built into the product eliminates this complexity and offers a globally scalable infrastructure that can be operated extremely securely and without much IT know-how. "

Sonia Brinkmann, Multi Cloud Channel Manager at T-Systems: "We are always looking for innovative solutions for our customers. The cloudplan solution is a valuable and flexible product that offers a "Private Cloud" solution for our customers based on the Open Telekom cloud. Especially hybrid structures in customer projects turned out to be a challenge. By now, these are greatly simplified."


cloudplan GmbH

cloudplan offers a Private Cloud as a Service (PCaaS) solution, connecting PCs and servers of a company to a low cost and highly available data storage network. Companies can build their private cloud network storage, organize backups and integrate cloud storage without special IT expertise. All network stations are found automatically without further configuration and connect directly, whether on the local network or globally on the Internet. Companies gain maximum availability and reliability at minimum cost. cloudplan GmbH has its headquarters in Hamburg and another footprint in Palo Alto, California, USA.

cloudplan GmbH

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