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cloudplan Outlook Add-in

In addition to the cloudplan portal, Weblinks to files and folders can also be created directly from Outlook.
The Outlook Add-in has to be activated by the admin of your Exchange server or account and is immediately available to all employees.

cloudplan Outlook Add-In
Secure: Store the files to be sent on your own infrastructure
Fast: sending even extremely large files up to 800 GB via weblink possible
Flexible: Upload files from arbitrary locations, e.g. network drives
Fully integrated: In addition to the Outlook add-in, other Office products such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint are also fully integrated into cloudplan. You determine the safe location.
 cloudplan Outlook Weblink All setting options for weblinks are also available for the Outlook add-in. Even "4 Eyes Weblinks" are possible.
Uploads and distribution of files stored on different network drives are also possible. The upload progress is displayed for large files as well as for parallel uploading of multiple files. A break and restart are possible at any time.  cloudplan Outlook Weblink Upload
cloudplan Outlook Weblink Favoriten A favorites list, that can also be changed in the cloudplan portal, ensures fast and efficient work. Simply define departmental folders, which can then be pre-set for the entire team.
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Office 365 and Outlook are registered Trademaks of the Microsoft Corporation.

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