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cloudplan Enterprise includes Private Cloud Monitoring

It is essential to keep an overview of the status of the storage devices in a network. Especially when these nodes are distributed even in different locations, such as in data centers or globally, you have to rely on automated tools that simplify the overview.

Many providers of monitoring tools

There are several monitoring providers on the market, such as Nagios, App Dynamics, Anturis, New Relic, Monitis, and many more.

In addition to the applications running on the server you must also purchase, install and operate separate "monitoring tools" on the server.


cloudplan Monitoring

In the cloud plan solution monitoring is integrated and therefore does not have to be installed separately. Everything can be managed via the management portal. Monitoring groups can be formed to combine logically meaningful units.

For each server, data for the number of files, folders, used memory, free memory, and number of connections to other devices can be queried and displayed. There are different views from 3 minutes up to daily resolution.

cloudplan Private Cloud Monitoring

For the customer, integrated monitoring not only offers cost advantages. Since all parameters are adapted to the application, no further configuration is necessary. With a few mouse clicks, all the storage units of a company can be included in the monitoring.

Versatile architectures supported

The monitoring works on local servers, which are operated on-premise at the enterprise as well as on cloud servers, e.g. in the Open Telecom Cloud, AWS or Azure.

Through these "hybrid" private cloud structures, there is an extremely flexible way to keep the data where the employees of the company work to achieve the maximum access performance.

The monitoring helps to increase the availability of an already redundant storage infrastructure in the availability, because any malfunction, missing storage space, etc. is immediately known and measures can be taken.

The monitoring is offered as part of the Enterprise Pro licenses and is included in the price.

A test of the cloudplan "Private Cloud as a Service" solution including the monitoring is possible at any time free of charge.

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