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Online Office & Web GUI launched

We are excited to introduce our new “online office” and the new “Web GUI” today


Online Office

You can edit documents directly through a web browser when opening documents from your cloudplan private cloud. You can even edit documents with other users at the same time in real-time!

It works on all platforms including mobile devices.

cloudplan online office


In the past, only a few vendors mostly with centralized storage architecture such as Google docs offered online office products for collaboration. With a centralized design approach, the data is controlled by the vendors. In a private cloud environment, the customer itself has 100% data sovereignty.

With our new product you have all options to edit a document directly in a browser.

You can watch in real-time what the other users are doing as shown in the picture below.

There are many use cases such as developing a customer offer with several responsible team members at the time avoiding long lasting resending the document after a review until a final version is prepared.

In some cases, users might not have access to a desktop computer or notebook and are just using a tablet or mobile device. In this case a browser-based office product is a comfortable solution. Another use case is editing or reviewing a document together with a business partner without installing software or agree on a platform where both need to be registered.

Just use “weblinks” including a URL to work with your business partner without installing any software.


Web GUI and context menu

Last night we started rolling out the new client with a “Web Gui” local interface that integrates seamlessly in our “Web Portal”. 



From “Tray Icon” you can directly navigate to our local interface or to the web portal without the need to login, it is all done automatically.

cloudplan web gui

Kontext Menu im Explorer

The Windows client has a new explorer context menu providing options to create weblinks or direct access to admin functions in the portal.

Cloudplan context menu

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