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Office 365 integration and task processes

cloudplan has integrated Microsoft Office 365 as another online office option to the already offered Collabora online office. This opens up further possibilities for users to edit office files online in the browser without the need for a local installation. The files are still stored on your own infrastructure you control.



Flexible storage options

Storage places can be local servers, virtual servers offered by cloud providers (OTC, AWS, Azure, etc.) or the scalable cloudplan cloud storage. Plus, you can combine the different options with each other - for your own multi-hybrid cloud.



You achieve 100% data sovereignty with each of these combinations.
Alternatively, a user with a local installation of Office could also open the same file locally, e.g. to use features that are not available in the online office.

Integration of external partners

The online office functions can also be easily used with external partners. Just create a web link and give your business partner a right "writing allowed".
Now even an external user can work with you documents in real time.

Office documents and tasks

If you want to combine the processing of Office documents with a monitorable task, create a task for the file and send it to internal colleagues or external business partners. You can assign tasks to individual employees, groups or supervisors and define deadlines by which the task should be completed. When the deadline is exceeded, escalation messages to you and the editors can be set. You have access to all your tasks in an overview in the portal at any time.


Office 365 Introductory offer

As a provider of Microsoft Office products, you can purchase the popular Microsoft Office “Business” package from cloudplan for an introductory price of 7.99 EUR per month in the annual subscription per user.


Office 365 is a trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.

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