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Document Management

New document management functions will soon be available in cloudplan. This includes document workflows, electronic signatures, global search and contract management functions.



Document Management
With the latest release of the cloudplan Private Cloud solution, you now have extensive functions for actively managing documents and designing processes.
You can map the entire life cycle of a file with a number of new functions and use a powerful search to find and analyze data across all of your company data.

Categorize and add attributes

Attributes can be added to each file manually or automatically so that you can then use the search function to search for individual or combined attributes.    

Manually adding attributes

  Information such as descriptions or values can be manually added to each saved file. Examples: "department", "cost center", "project", "customer or order number", "confidential" etc. Choose from standard attributes or create unlimited individual attributes.

Automatically assigned attributes

For each folder of the newly created documents, you can either assign certain attributes that you have previously defined, e.g. "confidential", "internal" etc. assigned, or attributes are added by the system when workflows are created.
  There are different ways to define processes. These can be assigned to an existing document, or you can use an individual form that is filled during a defined process.



  Permissions from a person or a large number of users can be obtained anywhere in the workflows. In addition, copies can be sent or a document can be viewed during or at the end of the process.

Define any number of process steps, the executing users of which can take on different roles.

Electronic signature
You can invite as many users as you like to electronically sign documents. The entire process is monitored automatically. Reminders are sent and in the end all users receive a log of every single step.  

  You can choose between a workflow in which all signatures are made on a single document, or one document is created for each signer.

Form and signature fields can be placed anywhere in the document.


Users can sign on their smartphone, desktop, scan or text.

Different use cases such as company, purchase or guarantee contracts can be just as e.g. confirmation of a new GDPR agreement with employees will be covered.



Create forms based on existing documents that can serve as a template, or create new workflow forms with your own fields. These can contain input fields, the contents of which you can search for after the workflow has been completed.

For example, information requested by a user can be stored in individual “tags” during a workflow in a form, which can be searched for later.
Global search
You have a very powerful search engine at your disposal with which you can search millions of your own documents for attributes in a fraction of a second. No matter which storage instance the file is on, every storage location is included, without you having to configure anything.
Contract management
There are special attributes for managing contracts that make finding and processing extremely easy. For example, you can search for expiring contracts in the near future or have automatic reminders sent to you.

You can combine any number of contract attributes in a search, e.g. Department, closing date, outgoing / incoming amounts, cost centers, etc.
Storage on your own infrastructure with 100% data sovereignty.

Various possibilities to map internal processes
  Integrated eSigning
Full integration through integrated eSigning without the need for additional products

Global search
Millions of documents are searched globally in no time.
All new features will be available soon.

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