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Build your private or public or private public cloud – or decide later

Enterprises have various different needs or provisions where and how to store their files



  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • High-speed access
  • Low costs
  • Scalable storage size
  • Easy to handle
  • Fast set-up time


In terms of type of storage an enterprise has 3 different options to store their data:

  1. Private cloud: Building a private cloud consisting of self or provider hosted servers. The admin rights remain with the company.
  2. Public cloud: Use file storage space provided by the vendor. The administration is done by the provider, the storage is encrypted.
  3. Private & Public cloud: This is a combination self-hosted servers and storage space provided by the vendor


Each company has different needs e.g. the level of demand for security is different. A financial institute might want to only rely on self-hosted file servers and will accept higher costs for planning, administration, hosting and maintenance in exchange for a higher security level.

A fashion trading company with agents located worldwide might be looking for a file storage that is easily reachable globally and the company will not want to be involved in worldwide server administration. Additionally, the cloud file storage space shall be inexpensive and scalable on demand.

An engineering company with worldwide sales wants to keep their engineering data as safe as possible, but sales & marketing data shall be easily available to the sales force which is spread all over the globe. The level of security demanded for the sales data is much lower than for the engineering files, but the need for global high-speed access and scalability is much higher.

Solutions for every need

Cloudplan offers solutions for all cases described. The software runs on every device such as servers, NAS, desktops, mobiles or notebooks and there is also a cloud storage product available. A customer can combine these options as needed and can change the architecture anytime.

A company could use private and public file storage as described below


cloudplan use case larger company


The options grant a maximum level of flexibility to the enterprise customer. The customer can decide which solutions suits his needs best and can change it anytime.

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