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After several months of development the new cloudplan portal has been launched! With each login but also directly during the use, you now have the opportunity to switch between old and new portal.
The operating system Linux was the missing platform in the cloudplan product portfolio. It is expected to be the most interesting platform for content storage nodes, because it is efficient and cost-effective.
It is essential to keep an overview of the status of the storage devices in a network. Especially when these nodes are distributed even in different locations, such as in data centers or globally, you have to rely on automated tools that simplify the overview.
Syncing directly with target nodes does not only provide security, flexibility and low costs, it also increases transfer speeds, since all files are transferred directly to the target machine and do not travel through any central servers. In local LAN environments with transfer speeds of up to 1 Gbps and sometimes up to 10 Gbps it makes a significant difference whether to transfer directly or via an outside cloud server.
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